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Our quality objectives are excellent performance, zero tolerance in terms of safety liability and just in time service delivery.

We have a responsibility towards our customers, employees, partners and suppliers. “Safety first!” is the guideline for all those involved in our business. Health and safety regulations, guidelines and procedures have been set up and are regularly updated and assessed by our H&S Officers in collaboration with our technicians in the field and outside it in order to deliver the most effective protection to both our people and equipment.

Regular trainings and instructions take place regularly. We combine that with clear written rules, which are supported by checklists and periodical evaluations on the safety procedures. All these and others, guarantee the creation and maintenance of a secure and healthy working environment for all our employees, while at the same time complying fully with the guidelines and rules set by our customers.

Our company´s aim is to abide by all mandatory laws and as such to safeguard our employees´ health, safety and personal integrity at work. We have adopted such measures that general experience (common sense) and professional knowledge have shown are necessary, technically achievable, appropriate, accustomed and accommodating to the given set of circumstances.

In collaboration with our employees, our main objective is to create and maintain a safe and healthy work environment and to provide any such information, training and supervision necessary to our workforce to this extent.

We extend the same duty of care, in terms of health and safety, to any third parties that may be affected by the undertaking of our work-related activities for any injuries or damages caused through breach of contract or tort.

Our policy´s main points are:

  • to provide information, instruction and supervision for all our employees
  • to control adequately the risks rising from our work-related activities, as much as reasonably possible.
  • to consult and collaborate with our employees on matters affecting their health and safety
  • to provide and regularly maintain the safety of PPEs, installations and other equipment provided by the company
  • to ensure the safety of those employees who drive a company car and insure compliance with the mandatory road and traffic regulations
  • to ensure all employees are adequately trained and competent/qualified to fulfill their individual work obligations
  • to prevent at the utmost any accidents and any possible cases of occupational disease
  • to maintain and regular update our emergency response procedures

Continuous improvement in our management structure, services, evaluation procedures and a unique communication system guarantees the best performance at an attractive price for our customers.

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